AnArkey Updated Rules

AnArkey Updated Rules

Here you will find the current rule sheet that will come in your 2 player starter set. Below will be more detailed rules and any changes added to the basic gameplay.

updated rules and clarifications

  1. Deck size is a minimum of 60 cards ( not including your Leader) There is no maximum number of cards you can have in your deck.
  2. Character rule in the Wasteland: If you have a copy of a character in the Wasteland you may not play a second copy of that character as long as the first one is still in play. 
  3. Relation Attacks do not gain the benefit of Keywords. 
  4. You may only Take a total of 2 mulligans at the beginning of your turn. One you get for free, the second you may take at the cost of one wound on your leader per card you mulligan.

Kareem Ja Bear’s ability has been updated :

All Followers get +1 Attack dice for each Circus Bear Token in the Wasteland.

This errata is effective immediately and an updated card will be available in set 1.5. 

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