Building a New TCG Experience

AnARKey TCG is a new trading card game that combines the excitement of table top skirmish games and the skill of deck building together in a whole new gaming experience.

In AnARKey you build your TRIBE and battle for the precious resources left in the Wasteland. You only need to Vanquish your opponent’s Leader to claim the victory. Decks are made up of 60 cards that contain your followers, characters, wasteland relics,  Event and Special Rapid Event cards to aid you in your quest for victory. Your Tribes Leader has special abilities that can be used to buff your followers or bring more power to your Tribe.

AnARKey features an all new dice mechanic that brings a new level of excitement to card games! Every turn you will be interacting and making decisions that could cost you the game! Nothing is more exciting than rolling dice to save or vanquish your opponents ! Prey to the dice gods, you need all the help you can get!

We have also designed a system that limits the amount times players can play certain cards. By doing this we reduce the complexity of a “Stack” but we also add a whole new level of strategy.

2 player starter sets and set 1 booster boxes are available now! With over 200 cards at your disposal who knows what kind of crazy deck you will build!

Set 1.5 is available for pre-order now as well! Due to arrive Feb 2024! 70+ new exciting cards that will really spice things up! 

Updated rules and keywords for set 1

Speed :Units with this Keyword can attack  it enters the Wasteland.

Penetrate: Units with this Keyword may attack a Leader directly.

Break Through: Units with this Keyword cause excess wounds dealt to enemy units to be carried over to the opposing players Leader.

Critical X : Units with this Keyword Gain:   unmodified Attacks  rolls of 6 deal X hits.

Cardio :Units with this Keyword do not Exhaust when performing attack action. 

Nimble: Units with this Keyword can’t be the target of Events or Rapid events.

Banished:  Any time a card is Banished it is removed from game .

Fatal X: Units with this Keyword Gain:  unmodified rolls of 6 cause X wounds

Quickdraw: When an enemy unit declares a ranged attack on a unit with Quickdraw, that unit may first make a ranged attack to the attacking enemy if they are not Exhausted. 

Backlash: Units with Backlash may Retaliate even when exhausted. 

Stealth: Units with Stealth may only be Attacked if they are Exhausted or being Attacked by a Unit with Stealth. They may not block Attacks to your Leader. 

Rally X: All other Followers you control in the Wasteland get +X Attack  Dice. 

Last Breath: Units with Last Breath may be played form the Corpse Pile for their Resource cost + 1.  When they enter the Wasteland the gain SPEED. Banish them at the end of the Turn.

Resilience X- Units with Resilience X ignore the first X Wounds dealt to them by Combat.

Resist X: Units with Resist X Wounds dealt to  them from any source. 



Banned and Restricted Lists

Every once in a while a card proves to be a little too powerful for tournament play. In an effort to keep the Game fun for everyone we will be keeping a look out for these pesky little buggers. If a card is restricted it means you will only be allowed to have 2 copies of it in your deck. If a card is deemed too powerful it may be temporarily Banned, meaning you will not be able to have any in your deck for tournament play. But fear not! Just because it’s Banned today, doesn’t mean it will be forever! 


  1. Body Armor is BANNED 
  2. Set 1 Kareem Ja Bear is Banned. (Set 1.5 will contain an updated legal version. 
  3. Set 1 Manticore and Manticore the fallen is Banned. (Set 1.5 contains replacement cards for both.
  4. The Dog’s Bullocks is Restricted to 2 per deck in a Tournament setting. 

The Tribes that now inhabit the Untied States are as equally dangerous as they are unique. The first two Tribes we are introducing in our first starter set are the Wondering Cannibals , Lead by the totally insane Hannibal Manson! His group of Blood thirsty Cannibals want nothing more than to have you over for dinner! They travel the Wasteland in search of their next victims. With a play style that revolves around strength in numbers and self sacrifice for the group, this Tribe is not to be taken lightly.

On the other side of this battle is the Sassy, Sexy and completely bad Ass leader of the Good o’l boys Lyberti BeAlls! She rides in on her mutated Alligator guns a blazing. Her Tribe of southern hospitality comes equipped with big trucks, big guns, and even bigger surprises. If you are into beating down your opponent with a non stop array of bad assery, this Tribe is for you!

So you are probably wondering “ Cannibals , rednecks, mutated alligators?” How did the United states get this way? Well it’s all explained in issue #1 of AnARKey the comic book. I’ll give you a hint.. big bombs, lots of radiation and a few million gallons of toxic waste… With 4 more Tribes to come in the first year this battle is going to be one you don’t want to miss!