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What is AnARKey?

And why is it spelled like that?

By CEO Joseph Gause

The reason it’s spelled that way is  because our world is built around a promise of a better life for its inhabitants, a promise from the leaders they looked to in time of need. What they got was the ARK. A spaceship that was to take them all to a better existence. What they got was lies. I digress! I can’t spill the beans yet! Let’s take a look at what Nerdcraft Games has in store for you as you make your way through our world! 

The AnARKey TCG is the first of many products we are developing based around our world. It is an ALL NEW game system that promises to bring a breath of fresh air into the TCG community. Not only does it have ALL NEW mechanics, but it is also set in a new world, with new art, new characters and a new way to build your decks! I know, I know, you fear change… but we also are drawn to it! I’ll explain more about the AnARKey TCG in a bit but let me tell you what other great products we have in store for you! AnARKey the comic book series will be launching alongside the TCG in April 2023. It will be an ongoing comic that will tell the story of our Hero Lilly as she fights her way through the Wasteland. 


What make sus so unique?

Our Universe is made up of not only new and original characters,  but Fans and gamers just like you! 

Our world is constantly changing, and our beloved Lilly is always meeting new people and characters in the Wasteland. Keep your eyes out for some familiar faces as we grow! 

A Special Thank You to Some Very Special People

Nerdcraft has had so many awesome people help us along the way .  Everything these folks did got us to where we are now and we want to thank them. We 100% could not be here without their contributions and help. 

  • Garritt Light
  • Joshua Padro
  • Aiden Bunge
  • Peter Di Martino
  • Steve Warner
  • Christena Reckless
  • Eduardo Garcia
  • Bea Navarro
  • Es Kay
  • Scott Semple
  • All of our awesome playtesters and members of A.S.S.
  • All of our followers on tiktok (Jake,Danny,Mercury,Keith,Glenda!)
  • Wheezy, Nobo, Scotty. 
  • All the folks who spread the word and filled our first Kickstarter.
  • OUR AMAZING FAMILIES AND WIVES! ( Who supported our decision to spend loads of money and time to build an empire from scratch. 
  •  And I (JOE) would like to thank my partners at Nerdcraft for believing in this project and making this all possible. I can never express how much your belief in this story and world means to me. 

Come Roll Some Dice With Us!

NerdCraft Games is a Florida based company that is made up of Game designers and Game players. We take every aspect of game design and story telling serious to ensure we provide you with the absolute best gaming experience possible. with over 30 years of experience under our belts we intend to become a major name in this industry. We feel we will succeed and bring to the table new games that will be enjoyed for years to come. But seriously , at the end of the day we just want to roll some dice and have fun! Come roll some dice with us!